13 Best Google Drive Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Experience

Google Drive Tips and Tricks

Google has always made our lives easier in one or the other ways. To simply start with, Google is a huge tech startup that aims to provide world class teach services and has actually accomplished this goal to a quite larger extent.

Now be it receiving and sending mail(s), browsing or any other activity, the first names that comes to our mind is Google. And one such service of Google is it’s own drive i.e. Google Drive. Basically, Google Drive is a cloud storage and computing facility provided by Google with the storage limit of 15Gb.

One of the biggest advantage of this service provided by Google is that the files exchanged between two or more ends can be edited online. However, other than this it also comes with some inbuilt tips and tricks to enhance the users experience. So let us have a look at them:

1. Best google drive tips and tricks – Pin up your Google data with Gmail

You can get your data and files at your Gmail directly from Google drive. Apart from above file keepers if we have to attach a file, first we have to upload it but attaching files through Google drive, we do not need to re-upload it, which means directly we can attach it.
Also no issue of size limit because we get “a link” for any of our file we want to download. Moreover, it will save your time too as you can simply add a link instead of uploading and attaching file every time you wish to send it to someone via email.

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2. Best google drive tips and tricks – Keyboard Shortcuts can be used

Shortcuts help you to reach something fast without consuming time. Here keyboard shortcuts will aid for direct Google drive options.
Shortcuts and Descriptions

best google drive tips and tricks (3)

  • S = star or unstar highlighted current item.
  • Shift + t = Create new document.
  • Shift + p = Create new presentation.
  • Shift + s = Create new spreadsheet.
  • / = Search your Drive.
  • X = Select or de-select currently highlighted item
  • J or K = Navigate to previous or next item in the list without selecting it
  • Up Arrow or Down Arrow = Select previous or next item in the list
  • Shift + Up Arrow or Down Arrow = Select multiple previous or next items
  • Shift + A = Select all items
  • Shift + N = De-select all items
  • Shift + T = Create a new text document
  • Shift + P = Create a new presentation
  • Shift + S = Create a new spreadsheet
  • Shift + D = Create a new drawing
  • Shift + F = Create a new folder
  • Ctrl + Alt + G = Opens Revision History in files

These shortcuts will ease your efforts towards Google drive.

3. Best google drive tips and tricks – Sharing photos too is simple

Photos which are an important stuff for us need to be at safe and at some correct place. Again Google drive will help in it and will help us share them too. As Google+ account is linked with your Google drive account we can upload and share pictures easily. All you need is to select “From Google drive” option where you are adding your picture.

4.Best google drive tips and tricks – No size limit

There no limit to our uploaded so our file sizes so many them are surely of large type/size. Hence, Google drive will provide us that comfort and satisfaction too. It will let you send files upto 15Gb where Gmail file limit is of 25Mb. There is a lot of good and large difference in figures, in bytes for transferring your files from here to there.

As 25Mb is less for us to send big AVs,audios or image files.
For this you will have to create a folder, upload your files to that folder and just share as you wish.To create a folder follow-
1. Login to Google drive.
2. Click the large,red “New” button on Right hand side of the screen.
3. Select “Folder” from the dropdown menu.
4. Then right Click anywhere on the central pane of screen and choose “upload files”.
To share folder with others, open My Drive which is main Google drive, right Click on the folder and choose “Share ” from the dropdown Menu.
Then you have to enter names and email address of your friends with whom you wish to share folder and files and when you are done with it Click Done.

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5. Best google drive tips and tricks – You can bring changes to your images

If you have put an image in a file or presentation you can Crop it, Mask it and add Border to it and if you do not want the changes to be implemented, just Reset it by Clicking it on “Reset image” icon on toolbar.
Crop an Image – Select the image in your document or presentation and click the crop icon in your toolbar. To save it, press “Enter” on your keyboard or just click back in your document or slide.
Mask an Image – “Masking” an image simply means fitting an image into a specific shape. Select an image in your presentation and click the dropdown arrow next to the crop icon in your toolbar. Four mask categories will appear that you can select from: shapes, arrows, callouts, and equation
Add border – select the image and click the line color icon in your toolbar.

6. Best google drive tips and tricks – You can Edit Drive images Online

For this, you will have to install Pixlr Editor on your Chrome browser to edit pictures on Google Drive. All you have to do is just Right Click on picture you want to edit. Many options for sufficient basic editing purpose will pop up.With Pixlr Editor you will be able to transform your image with many features.

7. Best google drive tips and tricks – Filter your Pictures

best google drive tips and tricks (2)

Well for your photos if u want to change fonts, tilt, shift, add borders etc. you can have Pixlr Express which will fulfill your needs.These filters will provide an instagram feel to your Google Drive pictures. For doing it install it on Google Chrome as it works only there. After installation, right click on any of your photo that you wish to edit and open with Pixlr Express.

8. Best google drive tips and tricks – Google Drive can edit videos

You can also edit videos on your Google Drive. Google Drive can also help you to bring Changes to your videos with Pixorial Vedio. First of all, the user needs to install it on Google Chrome. So with Pixorial Video, you can watch, trim, combine, and edit the videos also you can add title and music to it. This is great for basic vedio creation.

9. Best google drive tips and tricks -Accessing your data is possible offline

Google Drive provides you the facility to access internet and edit documents, files etc when you are Offline too. It can help you a lot anytime and anywhere you want your data to be accessed. For Offline access of a file you must be connected to internet, in order to make it offline.
For this – Go to Google Drive, Click gear icon on the Right hand side.Then choose settings from dropdown menu and then select the “Offline” option.

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10. Best google drive tips and tricks – Google Drive for Mind Map

Mind map is a spider type diagram in which a Central part is drawn with its various branches of related ideas.By Mind Meister app, you can actually make mind maps. It is Google Chrome app and you can shift it to Google Drive where you can make, edit & watch mind maps.

11. Best google drive tips and tricks – Customize your items Display at Google Drive

If you are not satisfied with the current layout, you can make changes to it. In Google Drive if you want the display ‘grid type’ switching from ‘list type’ you can switch it easily and it is simple to change it back as your wish.
For this, you have to Click on the left of the gear icon on top at right corner of your screen. It will indicate the type already is or which one you want.

12. Best google drive tips and tricks – Look at deleted History in Google Drive

If you have deleted any file while working with Google Drive you can get it back within 30days of deletion from the bin. For your file you should save them as revisions in Google Drive, and when you want them back you can restore revisions. You just have to press the Ctrl+Alt+G and subsequently, on Right side your revisions will be visible.

13. Best google drive tips and tricks – Only limited files can be recovered after deletion

At least 100 files of yours are safe which Google Drive does by default.Your previous made 100 files are disabled automatically from deletion by Google Drive.You can have as many revisions you want. To do this, Right Click on a file on Google Drive and Select ‘Manage Revisions’ option.

Final words

So, the above mentioned are some of the best Google Drive tips and tricks to enhance your experience with it and also ease the usage. It is possible that you may have used some these tips and tricks prior or may not have used any of them.

Do you know any other Google Drive tips and tricks other than the ones mentioned above ? Do share them with us too 🙂

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