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Top 10 Best and Cool Tips and Tricks in Excel  

Top 10 Best and Cool Tips and Tricks in Excel  

It is quite obvious that most of the people in office nowadays prefer working with the help of the magical program which is known as the Microsoft Excel. Well! While looking at it for the first time, you may think it is just a table with some rows and columns to fit in some office data. But it is solely not to use only for that purpose. Honestly speaking, an Excel can do anything from managing your office data or accounts to the world records. Yes! You can’t even imagine what capacity it has and what it can do. All you need is to know how to use excel in the proper place with some quick time-saving tricks and tips.

But way before that let me tell you the Benefits of Excel Training for Business. Well! Why will you learn excel? Isn’t it is a question that comes in your mind? How will you be benefited with excel training program for Business? Well! Check out the below reasons to understand it better than the best!

Benefits of Excel Training for Business:

To make a business much more profitable, it has now become much more important to meet the goals efficiently and quite effectively. But how will it be possible? It will be possible only if the company’s employee works hard to achieve the company goals. Well! I have heard from many people and even myself having an opportunity to work with this big unit have made me realize how Excel training is essential for an employee and even a company for its productivity.

Efficient Employees:

Well! Being a loyal employee, we all want to give our best effort to the job. But unfortunately, there are many management teams out there who don’t provide any training to the employee. As we all know that every employee has something to do with the data- either to monitor it or to record it. Well! In that case, Excel is the best tool to accomplish their work in an ideal way. With some tips and tricks, Excel will make their job much easier to handle. It will make an employee be it an analyst or a receptionist much more efficient than others.

Employee development programs:

There is a type of employee development program which is offered by some of the reputed Organized and Profitable Companies. This training or program provides training for Excel or other MS office work or courses. It will put the employees on a fast track. It will give the employees a wealth of knowledge which will help them throughout their career life.

Companies can send the employees for the training to some offsite training and also can bring in some experts to help them within the enterprise premises only. The benefits of Excel course are much more than the cost involved with training your employee.

Excel training give more efficient vision of operation & it improves your bottom line. The training course can help to improve employee productivity in an efficient manner & can make the business more profitable.

Learn How to Use Excel for Common Business Needs:

If you have to figure out how to utilize Excel for work, then you are presumably pondering about the absolute most healthy employments of this capable programming. This article will discuss the essentials of using Excel for information management and reporting, planning and estimating, and where to go to locate an excellent instructional class so you can enhance your Excel skills rapidly.

Learn How to Use Excel for Data Management

Unless you are overseeing enormous volumes of information, you likely needn’t bother with a committed database management device to deal with your information. Excel is incredible for monitoring sensibly measured records, for example, contact records, fundamental accounting information, client records, and other “specially appointed” information ventures. One of the large components of Excel is the capacity to sort and channel your rundowns taking into account section headings. Excel spreadsheets can hold more than 65,000 columns of data, so they are regularly exceptionally helpful for overseeing records that should be sorted in different ways. When you have to assemble your information rapidly into a quick report that is anything but difficult to see, the inherent turntable usefulness is an impressive arrangement. Turntables permit you to move efficiently your sections and lines around to demonstrate the information in whatever organization you have to see.

Learn How to Use Excel for Budgeting and Forecasting

This is the thing that spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel were made for. The spreadsheet group and the capacity to have single cells associate with each other by the utilization of equations permit this device to perform to a great degree hearty and complex examination. If you need to utilize Excel for your financial plans and conjectures, then you will need to use a couple of basic techniques. Identify one or more variables that will influence the future results of your theory, for example, the development rate of your incomes. As you manufacture your anticipating model, utilize a cell reference for your event rate as opposed to a static quality. This permits you to demonstrate “imagine a scenario where” situations, for example, an event rate that is higher or lower than you foresee.

Learn How to Use Excel Quickly

Clearly there are numerous more helpful applications for Excel, and this article just touches on two of them. An ideal approach to get up to speed on Excel is by obtaining an inside and out instructional class on Disc. These courses can be transported to your entryway in not more than days, and are introduced specifically on your PC at home or in the workplace. Once introduced, you can experience the lessons at your pace, and repeat them the same number of times as you like. It is astounding what you can find out about utilizing this intense apparatus as a part of only a couple days of lessons, and your supervisor will be much more awed when he or she sees your new skills in real life!

Top 10 Best and Cool Tips and Tricks in Excel

  1. Adding Shortcuts to Top Menu

There are many tools that we always wish we had just a click away, but mostly we have to make more than a couple of clicks and also a bit of searching to get to the tool that we wish to get into use. If we look at the top left corner of our Excel window, we’ll see a small excel icon, along which there will be three small icons, one of them representing Save, and the other 2 being undo and redo.

X Best and Cool Tips and Tricks in Excel  

These are the shortcuts that excel provide for our ease, the other thing that Excel provides is the option to put more shortcuts at this place. For this purpose, you need to click on an arrow to the right of undo and redo that says Customize Quick Access Toolbar when you hover over it.

Pressing it will give you an option of selecting the tool that you wish to add to your quick access toolbar (the place on the top left where to save, undo and redo are present). For instance, if we click on the ‘New’ option, we’ll get the icon to create a new file in our toolbar.

  1. Adding Diagonal Lines

We can add diagonal lines in our cells by a simple method of formatting that Excel allows. For this, all we need to do is select a cell in which we wish to add a diagonal line, upon selecting the cell we would need to open the options by right clicking on the mouse. In the options, we would need to click on the option of Format Cells.

When we click on the Format Cells option, we’ll see a dialog box, in which we’ll need to click on the border option, highlighted by red, in the top strip. Then we can click on the other highlighted option that shows us the format of a diagonal line in the cell; there is another one in the dialog box that you can find on your own.

X Best and Cool Tips and Tricks in Excel  

Pressing ok after selecting the diagonal line as the border style will create a diagonal line in the cell that we intended to put our diagonal line in. To add text above and below the diagonal line, we’ll need to enter something in the cell and then press Alt+Enter to take it to the next line, and then type something else in the second line that we need to have below our diagonal line. One catch here is that we’ll need to take care of the alignment of our text above and below the diagonal line using the spacebar.

  1. Moving and Copying Data To and From Cells. (Using drag and drop along with Ctrl)

Whenever we type something in a cell in excel, we can always cut it from one place to another by first right-clicking on the cell and press on the cut, and then pasting it in some other cell. Another efficient method to do the same is by using the method of drag and drop. All you need to do for this is, go on the cell that you wish to move, and place your cursor on the border of that cell, this will cause a symbol with 4 arrows pointing in all directions to come up( this symbol signifies that you can now select the cell and then move it wherever you wish to).

X Best and Cool Tips and Tricks in Excel  

If you now click on this symbol and take your cursor to another cell while still pressing it, you’ll see that something is coming along with the cursor. So finally if you go to a different cell and let go of the cursor then you’ll see that the content of the cells would have moved to the new location.

Till now we discussed how we could move data from one cell to another, another function that we use quite a lot is the copy function. We can even perform a copy using this drag and drop method, but for that, we would need to press Ctrl before clicking on the symbol that we talked about in the text above. This will cause a new logo to come up as shown in the figure below. You can then keep your hold on the Ctrl key and then try dragging and dropping the cell somewhere else; you’ll see that this method copies the contents of the cell instead of moving it.

  1. Restricting Input

What happens if we wanted only a particular set of values in our sheet and a data value coming from outside of our expected range comes up? It happens to be an issue many times while working on projects, and this causes problems with the final outputs that we intend to get. To make sure that only a certain set of values is added, we take the help of data validation. What it does is that it allows us to restrict the range and the type of data that we take as input for our system.

X Best and Cool Tips and Tricks in Excel  

For using the data validation function, one need to select the cells in which the restriction is to be implemented, then on the topmost strip we would need to click on data.

Upon clicking on data, we’ll need to click on Data validation as shown in the image. This will take us to the dialog box in which we can set the values that we want for our system. We will then need to select the type of input that we would like to allow in the selected cells by clicking on the Allow option in the dialog box.

For instance, if we select whole numbers, then we would be asked to choose the range of the overall numbers that we would like to allow. Doing this we would only be able to enter data in the range that we have mentioned. Taking an example, we take the range to be between 12 and 111.

In the example that we have taken, you can see that upon entering a value outside of this range, i.e. 222, we are getting an error that the value is invalid, and a restriction has been placed by the user on the values that can be entered in this cell.

  1. Getting More Statistics in the Bar at the Bottom

Whenever we use Excel to enter data into our tables in the form of numbers, we see certain statistics or a kind of summary in the status bar below. Usually it will carry the average, count and sum of the data that we select at any given point of time.

X Best and Cool Tips and Tricks in Excel  

Excel gives us individual more options for the summary that we get in the status bar, to exploit it to the maximum, one can do this by right-clicking anywhere on the status bar, once you right-click on the status bar, you’ll see a lot of options among which would be the additional options that excel provides us for the summary of data that we have selected. We can choose from Average, Count, Numerical Count, Minimum, Maximum, and Sum. In the image, we can see how our status bar looks when we select to view most of the options available to us.

  1. Transforming the Case (Uppercase, Lowercase) of the Text

There is a small function that we can use to convert the case of our text, the function is quite easy to use, all you need to do for this is that you need to type ‘UPPER (text/cell)’ for upper case, ‘Lower (text/cell)’ for lower case and finally ‘Proper (text/cell)’ for making the first letter of the word capital. Its usage can be seen in the images below, with cells showing Upper, Lower, and proper usage along with the final output that they achieve from it.

  1. Adding Multiple Rows or Columns At Once

We all know how to insert a row or a column to our excel document, but what we also need to realize is that how we can add multiple rows or columns all at once instead of adding a column or a row at a time and then repeating the process again and again.

For this, first, we’ll need to select the number of rows that we would like to add, for instance, if we need to add 4 new rows to our already existing table, then we’ll select 4 rows (below/above which we need to add rows) and then right click and click on insert. It will open up a small dialog box allowing us to select what specific action we need to perform on the rows/column selected.

If we press entire row in the dialog box, we’ll get three rows added inside our table. You can play around with the insert dialog box to see what other options have in store for you.

  1. Using Auto-Correct

If you suffer from a habit of using SMS or in other words shorthand language everywhere you type, or if you have a bad history of making spelling errors for some particular words, then you can use the auto-correct feature of MS Excel at your convenience. For using it you’ll first need to go to File>Options>Proofing>AutoCorrect Options. Here you’ll see a dialog box that will allow you to enter a text to be replaced with the text you would want to replace it with. You can add any words that you misspell, for example, I can put ‘frnz’ as a word to be substituted by the word ‘friends’, and every time I use the wrong spelling(frnz), autocorrect will correct me(by putting friends in its place).

  1. Extracting Web Page Data Using Data-> From The Web

Ever wondered how it will feel to extract data straight out of a website, let’s say you see a website, and you wish to analyze a particular thing from the data present on that particular web page. For instance if we take a site with some faculty names on it and go on to turn this web page directly into Excel data using an online tool like this, what we’ll get is a table in with some converted data and finally, we can download it as a .csv file to be viewed in excel, in the data that we have in the image below, we can look at all the information that we had on the website in a well-organized and tabulated form.

This technique can also be used for pages with enormous amounts of data, which we can then quickly analyze on excel.

  1. Entering Sparkline Microcharts

Sparkline micro charts are small graphs or charts that you can place in a cell. They were introduced in MS Word 2010 and can significantly enhance the viewability of our Excel data. To make one, you need first to select the data from which you wish to create a sparkline, and then go to Inset>Line.

There you would be asked to enter the destination location of your sparkline chart. Once you enter the destination, you’ll see a have beautiful sparkline chart waiting there for you.


Well! Hopefully, this post has enough information to make you understand the importance of Excel in business or office life. Well! Still if you have any queries regarding it, please feel free to comment in the below section! Thank you  🙂

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