4 Things That Matter for Local SEO

4 Things That Matter for Local SEO 1

When it comes to marketing your business online, it doesn’t matter where you live or what you do. I don’t care if your nearest neighbor is in the next state over or six feet above you, being visible in the search space is essential. Whether you are a blacksmith in the middle of Montana or a dentist in Manhattan, you need to put some effort into your search engine optimization efforts.

Here are some tips that matter for local SEO:

Zip Codes

Zipcodes can be tricky sometimes simply because of the sheer volume that exists. Sometimes one town can have multiple zip codes, but that still doesn’t mean you should avoid them in your content and meta tags. Your address in the footer and a contact page helps a great deal with your local search engine optimization attempts.

City or Town

This one is important because people will search for the town they live in. Depending on how many towns you want to target is where it can get tricky. I see websites that are only five pages, and the owners want to target 47 towns, and it doesn’t work that way. If you have a smaller website, pick two or three of your ideal towns and focus on those, for now, you would have to add pages for those extra cities or start a blog and utilize those other towns related keywords into the copy.

Website Content

Make sure you are utilizing your local keywords into your existing copy. If you are not sure what your local keywords are or you are having a hard time with them, take your national keywords and combine them with local search terms like the city, state, and zip code, and you should be able to get things started.

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Meta Info

Don’t forget to write nice, unique meta tags for all your pages. Your homepage meta info should be robust with localized keywords and content.

Local search engine optimization is very important, regardless of what your business or profession is. Even if you are in a very tight niche, you just never know when someone might need your services and turn to the search engines to find them.

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