How To Remove Write-Protected From Pen Drive

How To Remove Write-Protected From Pen Drive 1

In the majority of the USB based flash/pen drives, compose assurance is given through the little indent. As a matter of first importance, search for it in sides of your drive. It’s even set apart with lock/open image. Move/slide the indent to open position (implies discharging compose security) before you perform any document operations in your drive, for example, duplicate/glue/design and so on. After that you can slide back the indent to bolt position securely.

Be that as it may, a large number of the pen drives don’t give equipment lock/score for compose assurance. Rather they back it up by method for some product/device. From that point you can change the compose security lock/open choice. Allude to your pen drive’s manual for more points of interest in such manner as different pen drive have different approaches to open them or else you can likewise take help of a few instruments to open them.

Here are a few methods you can try to remove write protection and erase or format it:

Method 1:

Search for a switch as an afterthought. Most memory cards and some USB drives have a small switch or tab that can be flipped in two positions. If you discover one, move it to the position marked “Open.” If it isn’t named, this is the position nearest to the front of the card. Be mindful so as not to bump the switch when you set your gadget back into the PC. If your gadget does not have a change, proceed onward to the following step.

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  • If you are utilizing a card connector, there might be a second switch on the connector itself.
  • Some worked in Mac Book Master Card peruser spaces will once in a while push the switch as you embed it. Take a stab at moving the memory card switch somewhere between the two positions, and embeddings gently. Attempt this just if both different positions don’t work.

How to remove write-protected from Pen Drive 2

Method 2:

How to erase a write-protected USB drive in the Registry using Regedit.exe?


In any adaptation of Windows from XP onwards, run Regedit.exe (seeking re-edit will generally demonstrate the project at the highest priority on the rundown).

Explore to the accompanying key:



Double tap on the Write Protect esteem in the right-hand sheet of Regedit.exe. Change the Quality information from 1 to 0 and snap alright to spare the change. Close Re-edit and restart your PC. Interface your USB drive once more, and you ought to discover it is no more compose ensured. You can now organize the drive as typical by right-tapping on it in My PC and picking Arrangement.

How to remove write-protected from Pen Drive 3

Method 3:
Format a device on a Mac OS X computer-

Explore to Applications →Utilities → Circle Utility. Embed the memory card or USB drive, and then select it when it shows up on the left-hand list. Select the “Eradicate” tab at the top, and then snap Erase…. Alternatively, you can change the record framework group before you do so:

  • “Mac OS Developed (Journaled)” is the default if you are utilizing the gadget just on Macintosh PCs. Pick “Macintosh OS Broadened (Journaled, Encoded)” rather if you need to watchword secure the gadget.
  • “MS DOS (FAT)” is prescribed if you need to utilize the gadget on both Windows and Macintosh PCs. “ExFAT” is a comparative choice intended for USB drives.
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Method 4:

Format a device on a Google Chrome book-

Open the Documents application (a blue envelope symbol), and supplement your gadget. At the point when its symbol shows up on the left of the Records window, right snap it and select Arrangement gadget. Click alright and sit tight for a few moments to a couple of minutes for it to finish before shooting.

This uses the FAT32 document framework, which can be perused by any gadget. You can’t change this setting on a Chrome book.

Method 5:

Uprooting compose security utilizing Disk part

With your USB drive connected to, dispatch an order brief. Do this via looking for cmd.exe in the Begin menu (or Begin screen in Windows 8). In Windows XP, click Begin then Run, and sort cmd.exe in the case.

NOTE: you might need to run Cmd.exe with director benefits if you see an “entrance is denied” message.

To do that, right-tap on the easy route and pick keep running as overseer. In Windows 8, essentially pick Summon brief (administrator).

Presently, sort the accompanying, squeezing Enter after every order:


List plate

Select plate x (where x is the quantity of your USB flash drive – utilize the ability to work out which one it is)

Properties plate clear read only


Make parcel essential

group fs=fat32 (you can swap fat32 for ntfs if you just need to utilize the drive with Windows PC


How to remove write-protected from Pen Drive 4

Method 6:

  1. Open Registry editorial manager of your PC
  2. For this you ought to sort charge “regedit” on run.
  3. Successively explore to taking after linkHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Currentcontrolset\control\storatedevicepolicies( Note: if you can’t discover ” storatedevicepolicies ” after “control” envelope then you have to make it. For that take after directions said beneath)
  • Open another scratch pad document.
  • Copy this
  • cd\reg include “HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies”/t Reg_dword/v
  • WriteProtect/f/d 0
  • save it as DISABLEWP.BAT
  • Then duplicate it to fire up organizer.
  • In right side u will be getting writeprotect choice, simply right snap that and modify the hexadecimal worth from 1 to 0
  • Restart your PC and enjoy!!!!
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Method 7:

Clean format your Pen Drive to remove writes protected error

Well I’m considering you’ve before or later may have designed a Pen Drive.

So this is the final resort to evacuate compose secured blunder.

Right Tap on Pen Drive and Select Configuration. Presently take after the characteristics appeared in the picture underneath. Since you’ve the whole right, settings click on Configuration.

This stride will uproot ‘circle is composing secured mistake’ from the pen drive itself.

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