8 Best Hidden Features of Windows 10

8 Best Hidden Features of Windows 10 1

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft has fortunately, it has actually succeeded in matching the tastes and preferences of many users to a quite larger extent.

Though initially, it might seem to be a tedious and time consuming job to install Windows 10 on your PC or Laptop, however, the time spent on it’s installation is worth the efforts 🙂

Windows 10 may have been around for a long time, but many of you may have just started to get to know it.

The ones who have examined Windows 10 thoroughly will tell you that there is more to it that meets the eye. There are many secrets hidden and unknown which you may be unaware of.

The upgraded and better version of Windows has many fixes which Microsoft changed (compared to Windows 8) and the main features that they mentioned in the new version are obviously known to all.But in this article, we will discuss those features which not many people may know about.

Modify the desktop

You can make your desktop more fancy and personalize it more than you knew you could. Go to Start, and then click on the Settings option, Personalization and then Colors. Choose the option Show color on the task bar and Start Menu.

modify-the-desktop - hidden features of windows 10

You can allow it to automatically select a color from the wallpaper and apply it beneath the icons of open apps. You can also remove the translucence of the Start Menu.

The task view and virtual desktops

This great addition of virtual desktops is much appreciated and a good improvement to Windows. It will allow you to set up a series of tasks and windows on your desktop, another for Web browsing and a different one for emails and other social media.

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task-view-and-virtual-desktops - hidden features of windows 10

To use this you have to click the Task View icon on the task bar, which is located to the right of Search option. Or, you can drag an app to a new virtual desktop by pulling it towards the New Desktop option which you can find in the lower right area.

Hidden Clutter feature

To make e-mail reading easier, Microsoft has come up with this feature which clears out your unwanted mails and stores it separately.  Along with spam, also the less important mails which you don’t really need are placed in ‘Clutter’ folder.  Clutter folder can be viewed when you open the More option in mail.

There will also be many other folders hidden there as well. If you want to revive a mail that was sent to Clutter, drag the mail back to your Inbox. Over time Clutter will pick up your habits and filter mail accordingly.

Battery saver

You can find battery saver hidden in Settings. Go to Settings, and then System and you will see the option. Windows seems to have included this feature inspired from various apps available for battery usage on mobile phones. Using this feature you can view the breakdown of all the apps you use.

battery-saver - hidden features of windows 10

You can analyze and judge for yourself what utilizes your battery the most and then decide accordingly what you want to do about that.

Display scaling

The problem with some displays/monitors is that you need to enable display scaling so as to allow the text on screen to be readable.

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In previous Windows versions, you could only enable one scaling level which proved to be very unsuitable if you had a high resolution display along with one or more than one standard resolution display/s.  This problem was detected and solved in this version of Windows.

display-scaling - hidden features of windows 10

They updated the OS and now you can have every monitor attached to your display to have its own set display scaling levels.  This feature is useful if you wish to connect/ pair two monitors of different resolution, the items you need will appear the same size on both displays.

For example, you can connect a standard resolution display with a high resolution laptop and both of them can have their own set of display scaling.

Start Menu Customization

Microsoft has taken efforts to improve the Start Menu and it has turned out well. Along with including the best elements of Windows 7 and 8, it is entirely customizable.  You can change the size of tiles completely according to your needs. Just right click them and select the size you want.

You can unpin the ones you don’t want on your Start Screen.  Earlier in the newer releases of Windows 10 you could pin Recycle bin to the taskbar. But now in the latest ones, that option seems to have vanished. However, you can still pin it as a tile to the Start Menu.

How to use and turn off Cortana

If your PC or laptop has a microphone, then you can make use of ‘Cortana’ by clicking on the search option and selecting the Notebook option given on the left. Then go to your settings and click on ‘Let Cortana respond to Hey Cortana’

Cortana can now listen to your commands and act on them.  The default search engine can be changed too (the default search engine is Bing).To remove Bing from default Cortana searches, you can install Chrometana in Chrome or Firefox.

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how-to-use-and-turn-off-cortana - hidden features of windows 10

If you find Cortana annoying and want to turn it off, you can easily do that too.  Before you do, however, make sure your information is erased from Microsoft Cloud. To turn off Cortana, go to Settings, then privacy option. Click on the Speech, Inking and typingand finally click on the button which reads ‘Stop getting to know me’

New trackpad gestures

Along with the most common track pad gestures such as two finger tap to right click, pinch to zoom, two finger scrolling they have introduced new gestures for easier use and to save time. Three finger swipe upwards will show the Task View so that it is easier to switch or close apps.

new-trackpad-gestures - hidden features of windows 10

  • Three finger swipe to the left or right starts the Alt plus Tab
  • To see the desktop, you have to swipe with three fingers down.
  • Three finger tapping will open Cortana.
  • Four finger tapping opens the Action Centre

Here we have included a short list of some keyboard shortcuts:You will find some of these keyboard shortcuts useful in your daily use of Windows.

  • Windows Key-Tab (Task View)
  • Windows Key-Ctrl-Left or Right (virtual desktop)
  • Windows Key-Ctrl-C (Cortana listening)
  • Windows Key-S (Daily Glance for weather, news, sports)
  • Windows Key-Ctrl-F4 (closes virtual desktop)
  • Windows Key-Up and Down (snap apps to top or bottom of screen or maximizes)

Final Words

So here are some of the most useful shortcuts and hidden features that one can have access to and utilize them for a smoother user experience while using. Th

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