About Us

The one behind TechnoGYD

Ravi Arora – The Owner

Ravi Arora is 20 years old and is currently doing his B.E. in computer science from World Institute of Technology, Gurgaon, Haryana. He currently lives in Gurgaon, Haryana with his parents.

He is a technical blogger, freelancer, web developer. Ravi Arora has been writing articles for some popular blogs. He specializes in PHP Web Application Development and WordPress theme creation & customisation.

You can mail him your suggestions/questions about the articles at ravi [at] technogyd [dot] com. You may also use the contact form for that purpose.

About The TechnoGYD

The TechnoGYD was launched on 1st July 2017, The main aim of Ravi Arora behind launching TechnoGYD was to share his knowledge about technology with others, He wanted to create a platform for everyone to share their thoughts in form of articles or comments. The TechnoGYD has been proudly hosted using WordPress on a private domain.

Blog’s main focus is on articles related to new technology, WordPress, blogging, security, tutorials, computers, tips & tricks.