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Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use

Envision the situation… Your manager has recently requested that you give a presentation to the division at work, which, incidentally, incorporates several collaborators! It’s additionally your first month in your new employment, so the weight is on to inspire, for sure! You’re working in a major corporate and from your experience of these organizations you’re mindful that it’s about ‘looking great’ or not ‘being discovered’ – all a player in the shenanigans of body legislative issues!

Apparently, you haven’t been given much notice to convey your presentation, so under such a tight timescale this makes it considerably all the more alarming! What would it be advisable for you to do?

You promptly consider PowerPoint. It’s attempted and tried, and you’re acquainted with it. You could even call yourself a ‘propelled client!’ It’s dependable and won’t take you long to make something that looks adequate as you feel comfortable with it. Be that as it may, this Microsoft claimed software quickly springs to mind most likely simply because it’s what you’re acquainted with. PowerPoint been around the longest so appreciates by far most of the piece of the pie in the presentation space be that as it may, let’s be honest, it is to a significant degree dull. You’re not going to have the capacity to wow your crowd and keep their consideration, which is the thing that you truly need to do. Passing by PowerPoint is not a conventional approach to begin your new employment!

In any case, if you are going to stray from what you know, which presentation tools will be the most effortless and snappiest to learn? What are the choices to get the best results?

These days, there are a lot of fresh new businesses and additionally more settled players consuming PowerPoint’s piece of the overall industry, and it appears to be verging on consistently now there’s another species in the Presentation Tools Set of all animals!

The principle explanation behind this blast in presentation software is on account of the program is turning out to be increasingly intense. New web advances, free and open source libraries and all the more capable gadgets have all added to making it conceivable to make quickly propelled web applications that can accomplish pretty much the same as PowerPoint. In any case, is “almost the same” adequate? Also, do the new players represent any genuine danger to PowerPoint, the ruler of the Slide-Show Throne?

What is a Presentation?

At its most basic level, a business presentation is a stage for imparting data and thoughts. Nonetheless, it is truly significantly more than that. While a few presentations are only a way to keep individuals educated, there is typically a component of influence included. Indeed, even an informational presentation is not thoroughly free of bias; the presenter dependably inclines it his or her way. Here and there the presenter is not by any means mindful of this.

A presentation is a persuasion vehicle

Most business presentations are not proposed to be entirely unbiased transmissions of data. You need to sell your product, administration, or answer for your next client. You need to win support for your thought. You need to pick up the purchase in for your suggestion. You need to convince your gathering of people.

Do your presentations have heaps of slides with bullet points, information, and consistent contentions? Such data is fitting of gifts or other bolster materials. What a presentation constructs exclusively on these components is bound to come up short.

Do you attempt to tell your gathering of people all that you know? Then again do you consider what you need them to do and make a presentation on account of that strategy? A viable business presentation is intended to induce. It engages feelings and additionally reason. It utilizes stories and not simply diagrams and charts.

A presentation is a picture of you and your organization

You may offer presentations to audiences you don’t know well, for example, prospective clients or individuals from people in general. They may not know much about you or your association. However, they will frame an impression of you rapidly. Also, they will utilize their impression of you to frame an idea of the organization you speak to.

You might be unpracticed. However, you may convey what needs be with certainty and a quality of aptitude. Your organization might be little, yet a solid presentation may pass on the observation that it punches above its weight.

Consider how you need your gathering of people to see you. Utilize your presentation as a chance to showcase yourself getting it done.

A presentation is a powerful, interactive communication medium

A presentation is a two-path trade of data, not a restricted information dump. Regardless of the fact that there are no inquiries or remarks from the group of spectators, you can gauge their responses from their outward appearance and non-verbal communication.

Written correspondence, for example, a reminder or report has particular focal points over a live discussion. You can plan ahead of time. You can check your certainties, alter, and clean your style. You can take an ideal opportunity to make it almost great.

Be that as it may, a composed correspondence has two genuine downsides. To begin with, you can’t tell when (or if) the beneficiary has perused it. Also, second, you may never comprehend what they honestly consider your message.

A telephone call or an eye to eye discussion has preferences over a written correspondence. You can get quick input from your audience’s manner of speaking or outward appearance. You can address each other. You realize that your message has been gotten, and you may have some thought of whether it was acknowledged.

The issue with an oral correspondence is you may not be very much arranged. Questions emerge, there might be interferences, and the discussion turns off base. You surrender some control to other individuals and your environment.

A presentation joins the best of both universes. You can plan and clean your presentation, much the same as you can set up a solid composed report. You likewise get the advantage of moment input present in an up close and personal correspondence. If your group of onlookers appears as though they are confused; you can clarify your significance. If it seems that they are not purchasing your product, you can attempt another methodology. Not at all like a composed correspondence, you can adjust on the fly.

A presentation is your chance to shine

Finally, a presentation is your brilliant opportunity to inspire your supervisor and partners. Individuals are watching you, and they will judge whether you have what it takes to excel in the association. Do you convey viably and unquestionably? Have you aced your material? Will you handle inquiries and think and react quickly? It is safe to say that you are convincing? Do you have the right stuff?

A business presentation is more than only a stage to pass on data. It is more than a vehicle to convince. It is your opportunity to excel!

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools

  1. Prezi

Prezi is a zooming presentation tool that lets you create and present your ideas on a vast and zoomable virtual canvas. You can quickly place ideas, images, and videos and arrange them in a natural flow to tell your story. It works on Cloud, desktop and even on the iPad or iPhone. It offers a free account which gives you public presentations plus 100MB storage space.

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use

  1. EWC Presenter

Looking for a way to create free and interactive professional-looking, HTML5 presentations? Try EWC Presenter. It provides an HTML5 WYSIWYG editor for you to design simple presentation content in HTML5.

Users can animate their presentations with a Flash-like editor where you can select keyframes, set the length of the various animations, and so on. It’s still in Beta, and it’s free to register an account.

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use

  1. SlideRocket

SlideRocket is a presentation platform that helps you to create and manage your presentation. Import your existing presentations from PowerPoint or Google, and start using SlideRocket’s authoring and tracking tools to create a vibrant and dynamic presentation.

You can work with HD video, audio, charts, pictures, and Flash. SlideRocket has since been acquired by ClearSlide, if you would like to try it out, check out this link.

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use

  1. Vuvox

Vuvox offers three main features: Collage, Studio, and Express to create a multimedia presentation with feeds, links, music, audio, video and photos from Flicker, SmugMug or Picasa. It’s a useful tool to create documentary-style slideshows.

It is also perfect for multimedia collage presentations that require the use of rich media elements.

  1. Empressr

Empress is an online rich media presentation editor which allows you to add photos, music, audio, video, and even Flash into your presentation. Users are authorized to share their presentations via a link or embed them on their websites.

Registration is free, and there’s no limit to the number of presentations you can create and store.

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use

  1. Oomfo

Charts are important in a presentation, and that’s why we include Oomfo in this list. In short, Oomfo helps you to design interactive charts like Pareto, Waterfall, Funnel, Marimekko, Pyramid, etc. Oomfo allows you to connect your table data from your Cloud application or multiple Excel files.

You may start by choosing a graph template from its gallery, and it only supports Microsoft Office 2003 and above.

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use

  1. Scrollshow

As the name suggested, ScrollShow is a scrolling presentation editor for iPad with multi-speed backgrounds. With ScrollShow, you can create panoramic presentations with parallax effect. It is ideal to present timeline presentations, animated infographics online or at a personal level, give your vacation photos. It is fresh, fun, easy to use and costs only $4.99.

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use

  1. Knovio

If you always share your presentations on the Web, Knovio can help you show your personality by letting you attach your voice or a video alongside the presentation. You can coordinate your narration to run parallel to the slides.

You can even import PowerPoint presentations that are already done and work on that with Knovio. Your slides can then be shared on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or shared privately with close friends.

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use


Similar to Knovio, supercharge your presentation by adding videos side by side to your slideshows whether it is in PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, Word, Google Docs or Open Office format. You can even watch the edited presentation on mobile devices using Present.Me exclusive apps.

There are limitations for a free account. Check it out to find out more.


VCASMO is an online presentation editor for multimedia slideshows, business presentations, training, academic teaching, etc. It lets you quickly place videos with subtitle and PowerPoint presentation side by side and publish in on your desktop, iPad or even iPhone.

A free account comes with 512MB storage with unlimited presentations.

Top 10 Best Online Presentation Tools for Professional Use

Advantages and Disadvantages of PowerPoint

PowerPoint—Advantage or Disadvantage for the Presenter?

PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software. It is regarded by many as the most useful and accessible way to create and present visual aids to the audience.

On the other hand, others believe it has created its mind-set which forces presenters to spend countless hours thinking in PowerPoint and developing slides. A political party has even formed to ban PowerPoint in Switzerland. Depending on one’s perspective, it seems that many advantages could easily be viewed as disadvantages.

Look over the list below to see where you stand—with or against PowerPoint.


  1. Design

Straightforward and quick: The basic features are easy to master and can make you appear to be organized, even if you are not.

Simple bullet points: it can reduce complicated messages to simple bullet points. Bullet points are a sound basis for a presentation and remind the speaker of main points and the organization of the message.

Easy to create a colorful, attractive design: using the standard templates and themes, you can create something visually appealing, even if you do not have much knowledge of basic graphic design principles.

Easy to modify: When compared to other visual aids such as charts, posters, or objects, it is easy to adjust.

Quickly re-order presentation: With a simple drag and drop or using keystrokes, you can move slides to re-order the display.

Finally, PowerPoint is integrated with other products that allow you to include parts of documents, spreadsheets, and graphics.

  1. Delivery

Audience Size: PowerPoint slides are easier to see by a broad audience when projected than other visual aids.

Easy to present: You can easily advance the slides in the presentation one after another with a simple key stroke while still maintaining eye contact with the audience.

No need for Handouts: They look good visually and can be easily read if you have a projector and screen that is large enough for the entire room.


  1. Design

Design power pointless: Gives the illusion of content and coherence when in fact there is not much substance or connection between the different points on the slides.

PowerPoint excess: Some speakers create presentations, so they have slides to present rather than outlining, organizing, and focusing on the message.

Replaces planning and preparation: PowerPoint is a convenient prop for poor speakers, as it can reduce complicated messages to simple bullet points and elevates style over substance.

The simplicity of topic: The linear nature of PowerPoint forces the presenter to reduce complex subjects to a set of bullet items that are too weak to support decision-making or show the complexity of an issue.

Feature abundance: While the core features are easy to use and apply, a speaker can get carried away and try to use all the features at once rather than simply supporting a message. Too many flying letters, animations and sound effects without seeing much original thought or analysis can be a real issue. In many cases, the medium shoves the message aside.

  1. Delivery

Basic equipment required: You will need to have a computer and projection equipment in place to display the slides to the audience.

Focus on medium, not the message: Too many people forget that they are making a presentation first and that PowerPoint is just a tool.

Choosing the Right Tools for Your Presentation

  • In any field and occupation, there’s dependably a presenter. Being a presenter obliges you to have tools for the profession. Tools that can make your presentation smooth and outstanding, presentation tools to support your certainty and help you and your group of spectators capitalize on your open talking opportunity and the same tools that aides in catching your crowd consideration up to your last point and amid questions and answers.
  • In the past, presentations are restricted to paper or notice sheets. Today, there are loads of presentation tools including those tech tools accessible online. These tech tools with shifted highlights help deals delegates, advertising individuals, business proprietors and different presenters acquire control over the presentation while keeping their audiences’ consideration. The issue with picking the right apparatus for your presentation is that there’s lots of stuff out there particularly on the Web available to be purchased or free download. To help you locate the right tools for your presentation and get positive input from your group of observers, here are few tips to recall.
  • Keep at the top of the priority list the reason for your presentation. Be set up with the actual substance. There are huge amounts of accessible Examination tools where you can get the required information. You can read books, look the Web, examine, verify the source, and request authorization if required.
  • Find appropriate PC application tools that are effortlessly open, stacked with the right components, with free PowerPoint formats, and those you can undoubtedly work. Tools that could structure your presentation with connecting a story, not a lifeless accumulation of bulleted rundown.
  • Find great pictures for your presentation. Hunting down the right picture can be a period devouring errand. Before you begin glancing around for pictures, know first what you are searching for. In Google Seek, attempt different signs in your hunt while you’re on Google Pictures. You can likewise fulfill this errand on a stock photography site; simply ensure you utilize the privilege signal in your pursuit. Be cautious however because some pictures may have copyrights. Likewise, most website images are too little, and it won’t indicate well in presentations.
  • Use amplifier if required. If you’re conversing with more than 100 individuals, you have to utilize a receiver and test the microphone before you begin.
  • Use a dependable tablet, A/V setup and projector. Be readied ought to specialized difficulties happen. To keep away from this, ensure you’re utilizing the robust hardware. Test your gear setup as right on time as could reasonably be expected and re-test it before the actual presentation. For a remarkable present in a removed city, it’s sheltered to think about carrying as an expert with you.
  • Finally, be imaginative and intelligent. If all defeats, this last tip will help you to be regularly arranged for a reinforcement approach. Regardless of the fact that gear or tools beat you, you can’t stand to fall flat your group of spectators. Hunt the room down things you can use to show a product or present your thoughts. Strengthen your association with your crowd by utilizing their creative energy and start a gathering movement or talk. Look for a positive reaction.

Conclusion: There you go. With these tips, you can now pick the right presentation tools to have and use for your next briefing. Try not to hazard losing your group of spectators, get and utilize the right tools!

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