Choosing Web Server Hosting for your Small Business Website

Small businesses today depend on a dependable online presence online. They need to have a super-great website out there (that doesn’t bore people to tears) and they need great search engine optimization.

Sometimes though, they overlook the fact that the greatest website is dead in the water without excellent and competent Web server hosting.

Check out what’s available in hosting services online, and you get an astounding amount of choice. How you know which way to go for the most reliable service?

If you’re putting out a website, you probably have a website developer lined up. Now in your excitement, you might go out there and make a choice of Web server hosting service by yourself “just to be in readiness” when the developer gets done.

Now most developers wouldn’t be happy having that decision taken out of their hands. Any developer’s going to want to be in the loop when it comes to a choice made in Web server hosting provider.

You can talk with your developer about the kind of traffic your website will experience and how much bandwidth, disk space and traffic it would be a good idea to pay for.

Once you’ve cleared it all up, you can go through the services that your developer says he prefers or anything else you might like.

One of first things you want to look at is, the question of how much support you need. If you aren’t retaining a developer forever to keep maintenance work going on your website, if you’re planning on taking the baton once all the heavy lifting is done, you might need a web server hosting service that has a really good support department.

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Some entrepreneurs try to do the whole website building thing themselves. If you’re not a whiz with this kind of thing, you probably want to go with someone who has great support – sometimes even helping you install applications. Some will provide this for a price and others will provide it for free.

How long it takes for the hosting provider to reply to a question or fix a problem can make or break your business. Go Daddy for instance, routinely replies within five hours over e-mail. And they don’t outsource support.

Often, businessmen who are inexperienced in how to run a website, can make all kinds of mistakes like overwriting their entire folder online. Having a conscientious support department on your side can make all the difference. You don’t want to just go by some marketing slogan.

Also, small businesses have multiple websites. You need to decide then if you wish to have a separate hosting account for each site or if you would like a virtual private server.

A VPS can be a great way to make your website a whole lot more manageable. In this way, your developer can get a root-level connection when installing stuff.

It depends on your budget and it depends on how serious your needs are.

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