How to Fix a Corrupted and Undetectable USB Flash Drive

USB Flash drives are the most common type of storage drive when it comes to “Hard-storage drives” The Invention of these drives can be traced back to decades. Even after the introduction of cloud storage and similar storage options, USB drives have not lost their space. And thus, in a way, they outshine all other storage drives.

A USB drive often addressed to as a data stick is the most portable and handy storage option. And unlike CDs and DVDs, they are not prone to scratches and break too (too some extent though). But, despite all these upsides, one demerit of USB Drives is that they may get corrupt.

What is a corrupt and undetectable USB drive?

Technically, a corrupt USB drive is a normal USB drive that is physically fit, but inaccessible. On the contrary, an undetectable USB Drive is something which is physically alright, may or may not be corrupt – but is not recognized by your computer. Although there is no perfect answer so as to why USB drives may become corrupt, one of the most common reason is – due to some disturbance in internal linking (wires or programming)
Most of the people do not actually know the process of fixing such drive(s) and hence, regard it as one of the most difficult tasks (s). However, in this tutorial, we have brought you the simplest methods to fix a corrupt and/or undetectable USB Drive.
But, before proceeding with the below-mentioned steps, let us first check if the USB port of your PC/Laptop is fine too. To check the USB port of your PC, follow the below steps:
1. Insert the corrupted drive into the USB port of your PC.
2. If the first USB drive isn’t detected successfully, then insert the second one (a good one) and check if it is detected as well.
#Now if the first drive isn’t detected by your PC, but if the second one is detected, then the USB port of your PC is absolutely fine. On the other hand, if your PC doesn’t detect the second USB Drive (good one) too, then there is some issue with the USB port of your PC that needs to be fixed.

How did your USB drive gets corrupted?

No one wants to lose their data that is most commonly stored in the CDs (compact disk) or their thumb drives (USB flash drives). Hence we all adopt various measures to prevent our utilities from getting damaged. But have you ever wondered, despite some many safety measures, how did your USB drive got corrupted or turned undetectable? Let’s figure out the reasons on by one:-

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1. Impatience – lack of patience: How many of us actually safely remove (eject) the USB drive before plugging it our of our Computer or Laptop. Of course, very few uses do so including perhaps you, and me as well.

Often we do not execute this step because maybe we are lazy to do so or to save some time (a few seconds). However, these few seconds are actually believed to provide your USB drive with a long life. So next time, simply eject it from the PC or laptop before you remove it manually.

2. Brand rules, quality matters: We all are brand conscious when to come certain things, be it your shoes or the clothes that you wear. Hence, we all know the power and utility of a brand.

So why to be a miser when it comes to your gadgets and other important utilities. I am sure that if you are here, reading this article that you might have lost your important data or you are a geek and want to learn various techniques.

The brand and brand of your USB flash drive is directly proportional to its life and the variety of purpose(s) it can serve without causing any lags. So if your really concerned for the data that is supposed to be stored in your USB flash drive, go for a quality one.

Fix a corrupted and undetectable USB flash drive Using another version of Windows

1. Safely insert the corrupted USB drive into your computer via USB port.
2. Go to my computer and navigate to the concerned device’s name. The name is represented by “Removable Disk” + the name of your USB drive. The name of the USB drive is generally represented by an alphabet. For, e.g., Removable Disk F:
3. Right-click on the USB Drive’s icon and click on the “Tools” tab. Subsequently, also click the “Check Now” button.
4. Now you will be able to see two options on your screen
#Automatically fix file system errors; and
#Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

For now, check (tick) both of the boxes (options).
5. Now, click on the start button. It will ultimately initiate the scanning process. While the scanning process may take some time, you will be notified when it gets completed.
And Bravo !! you have successfully fixed your corrupted USB Drive.

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Fix a corrupted and undetectable USB flash drive Using Windows 7

1. The first same remains the same here, insert the USB Flash drive into your computer via the USB port.
2. As mentioned above, go to my computer, navigate to your USB Drive (corrupted one) and right-click on it.
3. In the menu that appears to click on the Tools tab and then, click on “Rebuild” Tab.
4. The scanning process begins after you execute the #4th step.
5. As soon as the scanning process is completed, close the dialog box and safely remove your drive. For safely removing the hardware, right-click on the concerned drive’s icon and click “Eject.
Steps to reformat your USB Flash Drive:
Note: The below-mentioned steps will lead the formatting, i.e. clearance of the entire data of your USB drive, so think before you proceed.
1. Open my computer and right-click on the concerned device name.
2. In the menu that opens, click on “Format.
In a few seconds, your USB Drive will turn empty

Steps to fix an undetectable USB Drive

1. Open the start menu, and navigate to control panel.
2. From the control panel, look for Device manager and elaborate the list of all the “Disk Drives.
3. Now you will be able to see the list or grid of all the available disk drives. In this list, your USB Drive will be marked with a downwards arrow. Double the device icon and select “Enable Device.
After your device has turned detectable, now it’s time to assign it a name:
1. Navigate to the following path:
Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools – >> Computer Management
(Choose computer management from administrative tools)
2. Right Click on the concerned USB Drive and select “Change Drive Letter and Path.”
3. Subsequently, click on “Add” and then “OK.
4. Now users can assign the letter of their choice to the USB Flash drive (A-Z)
5. In the last step, right-click on the USB Drive to address it as “Online.

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Final Words

The above mentioned are some exclusive and the simplest ways to deal with your corrupted and/or undetectable USB Drive. We hope you will succeed at repairing your USB Drive and also help in saving bucks too (since you need not buy another one). Did you deal with your corrupted USB Drive any other way and succeeded at it Do let us know that trick too (if we missed it) 😛

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