How to Remove Shortcut Virus Using CMD From Computer

Is Your Computer Affected by a Virus!! And to make things worse is it Shortcut Virus that your Computer is being affected with? And you have tried many times to remove Shortcut virus from your USB, Pen Drive, External Drives or your Computer as a whole and miserably failed more than once. Then you have come to the perfect place as here in this article we will be revealing you the secret to remove Shortcut Virus from Computer, USB, Pen Drive or any external drives.

Now talking about this virus you might have had to face this shortcut virus at least once because this Shortcut virus is very easy to spread and are undetected by most of the Antivirus out there. And this Shortcut virus might not seem fatal at the initial stage, and probably most of us will ignore it because many of our shortcuts on our Computer are created by us to make us convenient for us to reach the files at a short time but the Shortcut Created by this virus draws a different story to it.

As the Shortcut Virus turn all your important files into Shortcut leaving no files available for you and this might mean that once your devices are affected by this virus, all your data and files inside that device will turn into a shortcut. And you would certainly not want these things with your important files.

  Here we will have a Tutorial on not only how to remove Shortcut Virus, but also we will take a look at its types and prevent your devices from getting affected further in the coming future.

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But first thing first as in order to remove or prevent this Shortcut Virus from affecting your Computer, USB, Pen Drive or any external drives you will have to know “What is this Shortcut Virus?” and “What are the types of Shortcut Virus”?

What is the Shortcut Virus?                                                                 

Shortcut Virus is generally is a virus that turns your data and files inside any drives or pen drive that it is affected into a Shortcut, and it hides all the files behind that particular Shortcut. And this Shortcut virus has the ability to change the settings of your system on its own as it can make things hidden without any of your idea, which makes things worse.

Now in some of the cases, you might even have an Antivirus with the latest update, but your devices are affected by Shortcut virus as when you scan your devices it notifies as “No threat Detected”, as I have already said that this shortcut virus is not detected by most of the Antivirus out there.

Types of Shortcut Virus:

Now there are mainly two types of Shortcut Virus that are generally seen. One is the Files and Folders Virus, and the other is USB or Pen Drive Shortcut Virus.

  • Files and Folder Shortcut Virus:

This type of Shortcut Virus is most common as it generally turns the files and folders in your Computer into a shortcut file which makes it inaccessible for you to all your important files and folders that are affected with this virus.

  • USB and Pen Drive Shortcut Virus:
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This types of virus mainly are found when you either use your unaffected USB drives or Pen Drive to an affected computer or your unaffected Computer to an affected Pen Drive which makes all the files inside those drives turn into a Shortcut.

So now that you have learned all the details about this Shortcut virus now, we can go further on to this guide on how to remove Shortcut virus from Computer, USB, Pen Drive, Data Card etc.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Computer:

Now there are many methods to remove USB Shortcut Virus or Pen Drive Shortcut Virus or a Computer Shortcut Virus as a whole. But here we will discuss the Shortcut Virus remover using the CMD command Prompt on your Computer. Now you might be asking why this method because it is this method which is the easiest and effective way to remove the Shortcut Viruses.

Remove Shortcut Virus by CMD Command Prompt:

Step 1: First of all, if you want to remove the Shortcut Virus from your Pen Drive or External Drive, then you will need to plug in your device to your Computer or Laptop.

Step 2: Now once it is done, you will need to press and hold “Windows+R” key which will open up a run box, where you will need to type “cmd” and hit enter.

Step 3: Now, once it is done, it will open up the command prompt on your Computer or Laptop where you will need to type the following:

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“  attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.* ”

Note: Make sure that you remove the “Drive” with your desire drive name.

For Example, if your want to Remove Shortcut Virus from Drive D, then you will need to type the following “ attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d D:*.*”

I hope you found this article helpful, leave me a comment below to let me know what you think.

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