Which one is best for you – Laptop or Desktop?

Are you thinking of buying a laptop or a desktop? You have to know your computing needs before you buy a computer. You should know if you really need a laptop or a desktop to suit your computing needs.

But do you know the difference between a laptop and a desktop?

A desktop computer is a personal computer intended for regular use in a single location. Desktop computer-primarily composed of a system unit (where the processor, motherboard, memory module and video card reside), monitor, keyboard mouse and speaker.

These computer parts are connected to each other in order to make the desktop computer work. Desktop computers are useful at home, office, and computer café.

Laptop, also known as a notebook computer, is a small personal computer intended for mobile use. A laptop primarily integrates all the typical components of a desktop computer.

This is what makes the laptop portable and handy for people on the go. A laptop typically replaces a desktop computer if a user wants to take his computer with him at work or at a coffee shop.

If you just want a computer that you can personally use at home or at the office, you can use and buy a desktop. If you are a computer shop owner, you would surely prefer to buy desktop computers.

But if you want a computer that you can also use both at home or at the office, then you can use and buy a laptop computer.

The laptop is very handy and portable. You can bring it with you if you have presentations, meetings, or if you just want to surf the net in a coffee shop.

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Before deciding to buy a computer, make sure to know your computing needs first. This would help you save money and time.

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