Online Marketing That Money Can’t Buy

Online Marketing That Money Can’t Buy 1

There are many tools and technologies you can acquire online to help promote your business. Still, it will always come down to your business being able to provide something of quality to your audience. For them to reciprocate the love, you have to have something they need. I still see people trying to buy things that take too much time, energy, and branding to acquire.

Facebook Likes

You cannot buy Facebook Fan Page Likes, nor can anyone guarantee this will happen organically. If you want people to Like your page or your website, give them a solid reason to hit that button. If you have zero brandings and your business is not that appealing to the consumer, nobody is going to bother. What you can do is purchase ad space on Facebook and target those ads to help deliver traffic to your fan page.

Search Rankings

You cannot buy rankings to increase the visibility of your website. I still see website owners searching for that “magic pill” to increase rankings. Nobody can turn that on with the flick of a switch. You can’t spend your way to the top in the organic search rankings. However, by putting on your marketing hat, you can build up the power of your website to grow your search rankings naturally.

Twitter Followers

“I need 1 million Twitter followers by the end of the month!” I’m sorry to say it doesn’t work this way, simply because a human physically has to follow you back, and that requires some want or need on their part to want to hear what you have to say. There are ways you can become a bit more visible on Twitter to get others to follow you, but to flat our purchase them, this cannot be done.

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Marketing a business online requires a quality approach by just trying to build your business through branding and marketing and not purchasing some ridiculous services. Deep pockets are not going to buy you an audience. An audience is something that has to be built upon its own through being a quality business that people want to hear and see more from.

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