Top 10 Best Softwares to Clean Up Windows PC

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None of us likes trash and unwanted things, be it in our homes place(s) of work or even our PC or Laptop. Bloatware or should I simply say, unwanted files and stuffs are very much common these days, be it on your PC or smartphone.

Though many people are aware of what these unwanted things are and from where do they come, most of them give up when it comes to cleaning or removing the unwanted files 🙁 However, for the ones who do not actually know, let me tell you – these unwanted files usually arise from either of the two sources:

#1 Cache and cookies (and similar files) while browsing the world wide web; and

#2 Folders that may be created by the previously or new installed softwares, utilities or tools

Though there can be many other reasons, the worst part about such files is that they adversely affect your system’s performance. Hence, there arises a pressing need to eliminate and remove all these files from your PC via various softwares.

1. Iolo System Mechanics 14

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  • Iolo System Mechanics 14 is compatible with all Pcs with Windows installed on them up to Windows 8.1.
  • In this new version they have included a live boost Window which allows you to see how the CPU and RAM are affected by the software.
  • The most benefitting part is the quick and easy regain of the lost functioning of the hard drive, repairing Windows problem areas and tweaking CPU and RAM.
  • This software has also introduced a new feature called ‘Power sense’. This will detect the activity of your computer and the power settings and processor activities are adjusted accordingly.
  • You have the option of selecting the type of clean up you want – in-depth or quick.
  • This clean up software is a bit expensive option as compared to others in the market but you will have no complains with it if you purchase it.

Price: $49

2. AVG PC tune up

  • This software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP based computers.
  • The well-organized user interface will provide you with various fixing and sections including – Optimize, Clean up, Personalize etc.
  • You simply need to click on any of the options and allow them to run. Another option called – Optimization Potential increases the efficiency of your PC in a few minutes.
  • However, this utility can be installed only once on a particular PC. This is a drawback considering many other companies allow installation unlimited times.
  • Another feature worth mentioning is the Duplicate Finder. It will identify the duplicate folders in your PC and exclude file types like .DOC or .XLS from searches.
  • This system keeps check on resource loads and boosts or reduces programs as an when required, with the help of Live Optimization option.
  • All in all you can expect your PC to run smoothly once you get your hands on this tune up software.
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Price: $40

3. Win Optimizer 12

best pc cleaner

  • This software by Ashampoo received positive reviews; thanks to its simple mode of usage. There is an all in one click to fix all problems in one go.
  • You can clean your PC weekly to keep the functioning smooth as it provides you automatic reminders.
  • But the downside is that you cannot pick and choose which particular function you want to fix. For example, you cannot decide to only remove files or fix only start up.
  • Win Optimizer 12 has a task scheduler and backup manager in case you lose something of value in the cleanup process.

Price: $49

4. Norton Utilities by Symantec

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  • This program is also quite popular as a PC cleaning tool. It is a good program for most common PC problems.
  • The user friendly interface has few tabs for minimum confusion while making changes, fixes and increasing the speed of your system.
  • In order to analyze the PCs overall condition, it will ask you to run and click the optimization option. This will scan the PC for registry and file issues.
  • You have the option of choosing the type of fixer you want to use to deal with the specific problems occurring in your PC (if you know the problems already)
  • The downside is that the details of which programs are slowing down your system, or statistics of any other kind of usage is not available.

Price: $40

5. PC Keeper Live

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  • PC Keeper Live contains the other normal utilities like automatic hard drive cleanup, file duplicates finder, security tools for personal files and startup time optimize. However, it is the Find and Fix feature which is the most impressive.
  • The different feature of PC Keeper Live is the human interaction involved in the process of fixing PC issues.
  • So how can you interact with a technical specialist through this program? PC Keeper Live scans the system and generates an automatic report which is sent for anaylsis to a specialist.
  • This expert will analyze the report send you with a PC solution within 24 hours. And you will apply the solution for optimum results.
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Price: $40

6. Comodo System Utilities

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  • Comodo System Utilities can be used on Windows 7,8, Vista and XP OS.
  • What we like about it is that like other utilities, it improves overall PC performance but it also has no installation limits which means it can be used on any number of pCs.
  • You will observe that the interface is fairly easy to use. It contains a variety of clean up options for you to choose from.
  • Another thing which users like about Comodo is that they have a very strong customer support service. On the downside it doesn’t have strong restore features

Price: $20

7. Advanced SystemCare Pro

best pc cleaner

  • The well designed user interface makes it appealing because you can view exactly which scan is currently taking place.
    This program is good at fixing errors and improving the speed of your PC
  • Being easy to use, it also has the benefit of having a comparatively fast checking and scanning system.
  • There is a Care page from which you can select what you want to scan first.
  • It is easy to view which threats it is scanning for, and how much progress the scan has made as well.
  • The only cons: Hardware failure and physical memory failure detection is missing.

Price: $20

8. Ccleaner

  • Ccleaner is called a system cleaner for a reason. That is because it can handle a lot more than just the registry.
  • Similar to other tune up and registry cleaners,Ccleaner also removes unwanted files, programs or other material which is not required. It also removes temporary files and erases browser history.
  • What we like about this is that it requires very little space in your PC to run and the fact that you can have most of your problems fixed by Ccleaner for free.
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Price: Free

9. Fix it Utilities

  • Fix it Utilities is also a popular option these days. It manages to do a complete checkup of your PC to diagnose any problem within your PC in minutes.
  • If there is any specific problem that you want to fix, then you can easily select from the many options given. Or you can choose to run a full fix of all the programs in the system.
  • In the optimize section, you can place your hard drive and clean your registry and increase internet speed as well.
  • As we mentioned earlier, detection of problems Is very quick but you will not have control over all the system programs. You will also find that it will not detect if there is physical memory failure in your PC

Price: $40

10. PC booster

  • Many users go for PC Booster as it has received positive reviews online. The main features, just like any other program, are the scans and looking for errors and unnecessary files. It also finds out the faulty settings your PC might have.
  • It successfully solves all the problems relating to slow start up or system instability and even potential threat to privacy. It manages and fixes all errors to give you a faster running PC.
  • PC Booster is a good deal as it manages to get rid of hidden and useless files very easily and does all the functions which its competitors do and is prices lower than many of them.

Price: $35

Final Words

Well, this was all about cleaning your PC with few of the best free and paid softwares that can be easily downloaded. We hope you have optimized your PC to the fullest by permanently deleting all the unwanted files 🙂 Did you discover something new or learned yet another thing while executing the steps ? Do let us know too via comments 😉

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