How to Switch Your Domain Name without Losing Traffic & Ranking

How to Switch Your Domain Name

Apparently changing your website domain name is never going to be something you do suddenly, however once in a while it is important. For instance, if your business name changes because of a merger or different reasons, your domain name needs to mirror your image and new organization name.

Be that as it may, since you’ve most likely made high changing over points of arrival for your website and have built up an accurate measure of movement, inside and outer connections, also upgraded content, you wouldn’t have any desire to lose any of this history since it every last bit of it affects the positioning and execution of your website. So here’s the way to switch your domain name without losing substance, activity, and the history influencing your positioning.

In the first place things initially, you have to expect that once you’ve changed to another domain from a reasonable supplier like this and picked a name that mirrors your business image, you are going to encounter a prompt drop in rankings. This fall, nonetheless, ought to be transient and not harm your website’s rankings all in all.


  1. Site Backup

So as to not lose anything, you have to totally and completely move down your site (this incorporates documents and database). There are reinforcement apparatuses accessible that add to a rundown of pages, downloads, title labels, Meta information, everything that you right now have on your web page influencing positioning that should be safeguarded when moved over to the new domain.

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How to Switch Your Domain Name

  1. Make a 301 Redirect

Your 301 track will coordinate browsers and connection action on the first website to pages on your new domain. This stride can’t be disregarded as it is an essential space to the domain relocation and if you don’t realize it actually, then you will lose your rankings and movement on the first site. Besides, could collect copy content punishments on the new location.


  1. Make a holding page on the new domain

The real purpose of a holding page is to guarantee that your new domain is seen as quickly as time permits, even before the movement and the new domain is very. In spite of the fact that this isn’t entirely vital since your 301 sidetracks will accomplish the same thing, it is, in any case, a smart thought to demonstrate that the domain is possessed and that the site is soon to come.


  1. Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

Before running live with the new domain, it is a decent practice to test that everything is working as it ought to. Check for broken connections, issues in substance like page titles and portrayals, everything and anything so as to guarantee that once the site is live on the new domain, it is superbly practical as it was some time recently.


  1. Go Live

This is indeed plain as day, once you are confident that everything is as it ought to be, then go live on the new domain.


How to Switch Your Domain Name

  1. Verification

You will then need to experience an audit process through your Google Webmaster Tools in your Google Analytics account.

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  1. Notify Google

Once your site on the new domain is live and verified, then you have to tell Google of the change. You ought to have the capacity to do this through your Google Webmaster Account with a change of location apparatus.


At the point when taking after these strides, you ought to have the capacity to keep up your website positioning and movement. In a perfect world, if everything has been done effectively, your old page will gradually diminish in positioning as your new page increments in positioning. It could take a couple of months for the positioning to standardize and facilitate enhance after a move. Once more, a full domain move for a website ought to be an all around computer choice, and when it is unavoidable, it should be painstakingly taken care of with a specific end goal to stop from hurting your unique web page and hindering your new one.



As of recently we have enlisted a website domain, and we likewise have obtained facilitating for our web page. While engaging a domain at the specified site and paying for facilitating in the other, the last stride for you is to interface the domain with the facilitating “Name Severs”. If you had a go at going to your website in the wake of enrolling the domain, you might have understood that it looks different.

The name is the same however what you found was not precisely what you anticipated. Presently we should change the Domain Name Server to indicate our host. Would you like to change your domain name? Yes, comprehend that there will be times in which you’ll consider changing domain name. Indeed, there are a few individuals who have done this, and recently to say, it has turned out to be entirely normal these days. Naturally, a ton of domain name changes that have been done is combined with a ton of issues.

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The procedure is incredibly tedious, and the shot of experiencing a failure is high. Be that as it may, each issue, for the most part, has a conceivable arrangement. Isn’t that right? With a specific end goal to take care of this particular problem, there is a more secure option that one can utilize.

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