The Importance Of Content

The Importance Of Content 1

Website content is the most important factor when it comes to long term SEO success—and successful SEO is always based on a long term plan. While the design and layout of your website are important to enhance the user experience, search spiders—the bots search engines use to crawl your website—don’t look at the design or graphics. The spiders only look for words and text that match the user’s search. So while your 100% flash website may be visually stunning, the search spiders see only an empty webpage. If the spiders can’t find you, there is no way you’ll end high up in the rankings. And if you aren’t ranked by the search engines, the number of unique visitors is never going to grow.

The trick to writing good content is finding the delicate balance between what the search engines are looking for and what your users want to read. Content should always be written for the users, not the search engines. Users are the ones who may be looking to purchase your products or services, Google and Bing aren’t. Keywords should naturally flow through your website, making it an easy hunt for the search spiders, but not annoying your visitors with obvious over-use. At the end of the day, humans are the ones really reading your content so it needs to appeal to them.

An SEO best practice tip: don’t embed content into images, as search engines can’t read them. However, you can create image tags (one or two per page) so that the search spiders pull those images into their search findings. You’ve just optimized your site a little bit more! Try to think of different keywords to use on each page, so individual pages get pulled into the search engines, not just your home page. If you can provide a more direct route for the user, you have just made their search that much simpler.

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If there is one thing you are considering outsourcing, make it be your content. If you aren’t the greatest writer and not every website owner is, find a freelance writer or bring someone on who is. Your content is what is going to persuade your visitors to action.

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