Tips To Become A Professional Programmer

Programming is defined by me as deriving and expressing a solution to a given problem in a form which a computer system can understand and execute and Programmer is the person who develops logic and implements that logic by using one of the programming languages, or we can also define Programmer as a person who writes or develop computer programs or computer codes. The job of the Programmer is not limited to develop the codes But also to make that programs universal, robust, reliable, and definitely less time and space complexity. These are the basic norms of being a professional programmer. Further exploring what are the things that one should keep in mind to be the outstanding  professional computer programmer

Professional Programmer is a  good communicator: The art of talking to a customer and finding out what he/she wants is just that, an art. If you want to call yourself a proper programmer, you will have to learn how to do this. One of the first things you must do is break down the idea of “I am writing a program for you” and replace it with “We are creating a solution to a problem.” You do not work for your customers; you work with them. This is very important, particularly when you might have to do things like trade with the customer on features or price.

  • Programmer’s area of Interest: If you want to become a professional programmer the very first thing is to Choose you are of interest, There are many fields in computer science like web development, testing and debugging, program analyst, desktop development, Database developer, Database administrator, Networking and many more. You should be a master in one of the fields.
  • Use of appropriate tools: There are many tools available to implement programming languages into action. There are some tools in which you just need to put values, and automatically, codes will be generated ad the backend those tools are declarative in nature. But best practice is to use tools that are less declarative in nature. For example, in visual studio, you just need to drag and drop control in design view, and automatically codes will be generated in source view. If you are a novice programmer, then using these tools really makes some sense, but for being a professional programmer, you should use the tool, in which everything has to code manually to perform some action.
  • Concepts of OOP: Object-oriented programming is the basis of all the programming languages. So if you want to be a professional programmer, then the concept of object-oriented programming should be on your fingertips. C/C++ language is the best approach to learn object-oriented programming concepts.
  • Manually build the logic: When you are assigned any task to solve, the very first approach is to solve it by using pen and paper, this is the best practice. And then implement it into action using any of the programming languages.
  • Reduce complexity in the code: If you are developing a program or writes some code and another Programmer is writing code in a very similar fashion. Then what makes the difference between the two is definitely which program is efficient in terms of time and space complexity i.e., how much space and time does a program acquires during execution.
  • Time management: It is the basic and most important aspect of being a professional programmer. It means the target time to complete the assigned task or to sort out a given task.
  • Coding Contests: Taking part in programming contests is one of the best ways to improve your concentration in programming, logic development power, and makes you fast in solving tasks. There are many coding contests running online by most renowned brands include Microsoft (Imagine Cup), Google (summer code), and many more. So go ahead and find out the best one for you.
  • Practice: Practice makes the man perfect. And for being a Professional programmer, do a lot of programming and force yourself to think about things from a problem-solving point of view.
  • Study: Look at programs written by other people. You can learn a lot from studying code that other folks have created. Figuring out how somebody else did the job is a great starting point for your solution. And remember that in many cases there is no best solution, just ones which are better in a particular context, i.e., the fastest, the smallest, the easiest to use, etc.
  • Persistence: writing programs is hard work. And you have to work hard at it. The principal reason why most folks don’t make it as programmers is that they give up. Not because they are stupid. However, don’t get too persistent. If you haven’t solved a programming task in 30 minutes, you should call out and seek help. Or at least walk away from the problem and come back to it. Staying up all night trying to sort out a problem is not a good plan. It just makes you all irritable in the morning. So be persistent about your work and make your willpower strong in order to fulfill the task.
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So this was some of the Tips To Become A Professional Programmer, I hope you found this article helpful.

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