10 Simple Ways To Increase Speed of Your Computer

Most of us who use computers maximally get frustrated when our computers have slowed down. Naturally, we look for someone to help us so we can increase the speed of our computers. This can sometimes be a further waste of time as we try to look for someone when actually, we can do the jobs ourselves. Here’s how:

1. Get rid of those unnecessary wallpapers. Simply go for the basic built-in designs to improve the speed a great deal. If you can’t help it, don’t stretch the wallpaper because dragging can slow down the functions. Also, remove animations that aren’t needed by your programs.

2. If you have drivers installed on your computer, make sure you do frequent updates because updating can improve the speed of your programs.

3. Sometimes we can’t help but open several programs at the same time because we need to do multi-tasking. If we have to do this, we need to minimise those programs we aren’t currently using.

4. Remove the message that says you are starting Windows 95/98 because this can slow down booting. To remove this, just go to c:\ and look for the file Msdos.sys. Then remove the Read-only option. Open this in Notepad then go to options and change by adding BootDelay=0.

5. To restart Windows, simply hold down the Shift key to restart Windows instead of restarting the whole system which can take longer.

6. You may also try working on a lower resolution so that you can move faster with your PC.

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7. Regularly defragment your computer so that files can be consolidated into single files. This will surely speed up the functions of your computer.

8. For faster ejection of CDs, simply right-click on the CD drive letter in My Computer and choose Eject. Icons will be removed as well, which could somehow slow down the process.

9. Get rid of fonts that you don’t usually use. Just go to fonts under c:\windows and remove those fonts that you no longer need.

10. Get rid of unnecessary files by constantly emptying your Recycle Bin and removing temporary Internet files. These take up space and of course, needs to be read by your CPU every time you boot. Even your email inbox should be regularly cleaned up to enhance the speed of your usage.

Now that you know it isn’t hard to speed up your very own computer, simply follow the said steps and you are on your way to having a reliable and faster computer.

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