Ways To Share Documents In Your Computer

If you have a computer and want to share files with others, there are different ways on how you can do so. Depending upon your operating system, you can share several files with the other users of the computer, or even with other people on the network.

To share files in your computer, follow these steps:

1. Determine What Files You Want To Share.

If you have a single file to share in your computer, copy it by right clicking on the file itself and click on copy. This will put the file in the computer’s memory for future use.

2. Look For The Shared Documents Folder.

If you are using Windows Xp, click on Start on the lower left corner of your screen. This will open a small window. Look for “My Documents” and click on it. Another window should appear.

3. Click On “Shared Documents” On The Left Panel.

On the new window that appeared, look at the left panel under “Other Places”. Under that, you should be able to see “Shared Documents”. Click the link. The window should change.

4. Select The Folder You Want To Put The File In.

On the “Shared Documents” window, there are at least three subfolders. These are Shared Music, Shared Video, and Shared Pictures. If your file belongs in any of the categories, you can simply double click on it. Otherwise, create a new folder by right-clicking on the white screen. Select “New” on the small window and click on “Folder”. A new folder should be visible on the same window. You can rename the folder if you wish.

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5. Paste Your Document.

After selecting the folder that will contain the file, you can now paste it. Right-click on a white spot again. Click “Paste”. The window should now show your file. The file is now ready to be shared with other users of your computer. If the computer is part of a network that has file sharing enabled, the users of the other computers would be able to access the file as well.

Here are the simple ways of sharing files in your computer. Of course, you can use simpler ways of doing it like using a diskette, a flash drive, or a CD-RW. But if you just follow these steps, there should be no need for additional hardware.

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