What is Computer Networking?

Computer Networking is the way computers get connected to one another. This answer seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

In order to get connected you can use different techniques. Today, with increasing numbers of computers and laptops at home, the way you get connected is an important differentiator. It impacts the ease at which you can work at home

You can connect to the internet by just plugging in the computer cable, more commonly known as the Ethernet cable terminal, into your machine.

In the days of the desktop, you were permanently connected to the network. Today, with laptops and palmtops being used extensively, you are not necessarily rooted to one place. Therefore there is no reason why you should try to connect over a fixed line.

Whatever the mode of connecting you get into, you would possibly end up with any one of the network types that are so very common.

The local area network and the wide area network categorize networks based on their size. Your home network will be a local area network. Whereas your office network spanning more than one area in a city or multiple cities will become a wide area network.

There are people who classify networks based on the technology used. These are called Ethernet networks. These work on what is called the star – token ring system.

However, more often than not, Ethernet is looked upon as a bus-type network; here the bus is made available and any one can plug into it as if they were connecting up to a bus bar. This network is the most commonly used.

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What is Computer Networking? 2

In the case of Ethernet networks, the computer that wants to communicate to another computer sends a message to the bus with the address of the target computer packed in its command or data.

The target computer alone can pick up the information and then process it. No other computer can pick up this ‘package’ or ‘bubble’ of data that has been thrown on the bus.

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