Why Everyone Should Learn How To Code

I’ll be honest with you. I have tried on and off since the age of twelve to learn programming, and I have quit numerous times. Eventually, when I turned eighteen, it stuck with me. I dove into HTML/CSS, make quick progress, and moved on to Javascript. I fell in love with programming. I enjoy being able to create anything that I can imagine. With programming, you can sit down and design on paper what you want to create, and after hours of coding, headaches, and moments of realization, eventually, your idea is turned into a tangible app or program. It leads to immense amounts of enjoyment and gratification. It is a problem solving and creation at its best. For anyone that loves computers or technology in general, programming will quickly get them addicted.

Another big reason for you to learn how to code is the high salary that it commands. According to Payscale.com, the average starting salary for a computer science graduate is $66,000 a year. Also, you do not necessarily have to get a college degree to get a job. The main alternative is coding boot camps. These are expensive, but they have good job placement rates, overall are cheaper than college, and only take a few months to complete. Also, there is currently a massive amount of jobs open and not nearly enough computer science grads to fill these jobs. As long as you have a portfolio of software or websites that you have developed, and have a good internet presence, you can get a job without a college degree, or a bootcamp certificate in the IT field.

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Overall, learning to code trains you to think differently and how to solve complex problems. It can be a lot of fun and lead to a very rewarding career. With a huge gap between the number of available jobs and the low number of graduates to fill these spots, it will not be hard to land a good job. Or, you will have the knowledge to start your own tech start-up and become another millionaire like so many other computer science grads!

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