WiFi Speed-Top 9 Tactics to Boost it Like a Pro

WiFi Speed-Top 9 Tactics to Boost it Like a Pro

All of us use internet, in fact you are being able to read this post just because you are connected to internet. Now, when it comes to internet, there are a numerous sources to access to; be it on your smartphone, your laptop, your PC (personal computer) or any other device. Hence, it becomes very important to learn How to boost WiFi speed.

However, the fact is – the speed of our internet connection influences our other actions too; and for some people it may also lead to mood fluctuations. Subsequently, the another fact is that we are never satisfied with our net connection’s current speed. Although there are many other modes to access internet, WiFi is the most common and growing one with many reasons in it’s support – it is faster, cheap, more economical etc.

And ultimately, there begins the quest for the tips and tricks to learn how to boost WiFi signal or speed. But before implementing the steps, it is important to figure out the reason for your slow WiFi speed.

1. Problem with broadband wire

WiFi speed problems occur when the wire of your broadband, isn’t made of good quality, or if it’s too old. This kind of poor quality wiring causes problems, in your WiFi network.

2. Problem with your Router

If you are using a router that is a bit old, you might face these kind of WiFi speed related issues. It does also depend on the low range of the router. Due to the age, and the processing speed in your router, these issues may arise sometimes; it could be due to lack of proper configuration.

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3. Problem with the placement of your router

One more factor that people tend to overlook is the placement of your router – it has to be placed in an area where there is no disturbance for the signals to transmit. It isn’t a wise idea to place router near a wall or a metal body. This can cause disturbance in the transmission of signals.

4. Too many devices connected

If there are multiple users, using internet at the same time via wireless router, your Wi-Fi speed can dramatically decrease, especially, if they are downloading torrents or some similar files. So always make sure to protect your Wi-Fi password, so that it will be not be accessible by many devices.

5. Getting hacked

Boost wifi speed
Once again, protecting your Wi-Fi password is really essential; keep your Wi-Fi password confidential. If your router has got hacked, then it might be one of the reasons, for your WiFi speed to be slow. Make sure, you change your password quite frequently or even if you suspect that there are some chances that it has been hacked by someone.

6. WiFi channels

If your Wi-Fi network is on the same channel as your neighbours, it can also cause the disturbances in your connection, and hence your WiFi speed as well. It is essential to pick the channel which isn’t in use by the people near you. Also make sure there aren’t any other waves, or signals interfering with your Wi-Fi signals, sometimes having your Wi-Fi router near your microwave etc. can also cause disturbances.

7. Power issues

If the room where you have placed your router has power issues, it can be one cause of decreased WiFi speed. Make sure the power supply in the room is optimum, and also make sure; the room isn’t so far from your devices. Sometimes, it will be a problem if your devices are too far from the router, it usually happens when the house is too big.

Tips to Boost your WiFi speed:
Once you have figured out the issue, follow these tips.

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1. Boost WiFi speed – Rebooting or restarting your router

This is the most obvious way, most commonly, the issue with WiFi system arises, when the router is heated, or because of old firmware. One easy way is to remove the cable out of power source, of your router, wait for few seconds, and then plug in, or reset it. This usually solves issues, if possible you can have a scheduled re-boot once in a day or even week.

2. Boost WiFi speed – Make sure the placement of your router is on the right spot

It is really essential to have a proper spot to place your router; it should be free from obstacles like wall or other electronics. Make sure it is placed at a central spot in your home, to have an even distribution. This can give you a proper coverage. Your router should be placed in an elevated position, which makes it easier for the waves of router to travel freely. This will make a big difference if your WiFi speed.

3. Boost WiFi speed – Password protection

If you haven’t set password for your connection, please do it immediately, and make sure the password isn’t something obvious to guess, which can make it easier for hackers to hack and use. Keep your password confidential; if possible change your password time to time.

4. Boost WiFi speed – Make sure, that there aren’t too many users

Obviously, if there are many devices connected to your router, the slower your WiFi speed gets. Also, if the users are downloading movies or some similar items, that can also degrade your WiFi speed to some extent. Make sure, your devices aren’t so far from your router, or has a thin wall separation, which offers a better speed, than having a router too far in the corner.

5. Boost WiFi speed – Make sure you got the right wireless channel

Due to many routers, in your neighborhood, it can cause some interference in channels. Make sure, you have a right wireless channel, which will decrease the possibility of having disturbances. You can use apps such as Wi-Fi stumbler to choose the right channel for you.
Note: This app may not be available in all the countries.

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6. Boost WiFi speed – Using Qos

If you are using the services like torrents or playing games, this can actually slow down your WiFi speed. But to fix this issue, you can use Quality of service option, which actually provides the biggest advantage to prioritize certain applications. Using QoS can be a wise option to increase your speed.

7. Boost WiFi speed – Invest in a wireless signal extender

If you are having a really big house where you do not get sufficient signals to various places, and need to extend your wireless internet range, then investing in a wireless signal extender can be a good option for you. A signal extender technically, is a device which plugs into any mains socket for rebroadcast and boost your Wi-Fi signal for those hard-to-reach places inside your home.

8. Boost WiFi speed – Check your network speed

Boost wifi speed
Sometimes you may experience fluctuations in your network, depending on the number of users, of your Internet service provider. Especially, if it’s the time when people are mostly home and maybe using the net. Its recommended to check your network speed, using sources like speedtest.net , which can detect the speed, and let you know if there are any fluctuations .You can also run a ping test – it determines the quality of your internet, and lets you see the details of your ping figure in milliseconds.

9. Boost WiFi speed – Get an advance model of the router

boost wifi speed (2)
If nothing works, this might be the best way to increase your speed, though it might be a little expensive, but it offers better security as well as easy to configure, maximum speed, and wider range, which lets you enjoy your Wi-Fi connection even when the distance is long. Now-a-days, these routers use a super-fast 5GHz network (it’s backwards compatible with 5GHz 802.11n), with speeds of 867Mbit/s and 1.3Gbit/s available in market. Investing, in a latest router model can be helpful.

Final Words

So this was all about how to boost WiFi speed of your router. We had received a few requests asking us about the same issue and how to fix it. Also, do not forget to share this post with your acquaintances as it can help a lot to anyone and everyone 🙂

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